Wish you could go to sleep without feeling dread about the potential clusterf*ck work might be tomorrow?

Not to mention waking up refreshed, crystal clear about your plan for the day, and confident you'll kick that to-do list's butt without even breaking a sweat?

While it might feel impossible right now, I’m about to show you it’s 100% doable and within reach.

So, before you white-knuckle your way through another day, get yourself a ticket and break this cycle of it's going to be okay/sh*t today is not okay for good.

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Hi, I’m Sheila! And I'm different than any lawyer you've ever met.

Know why? I'm HAPPY!

As an attorney, social worker and educator, I help people like you get the life you want, so you can actually enjoy the life that you bust your ass for each and every day.

We spend years learning and working hard to try to build a career and even businesses we can be proud of.

At some point, it becomes too much. That's when we realize that our life might not be about us at all - it's about someone else’s goals, their wants, their expectations of us.

I help people actually GET the life they want.

You deserve that. Our world deserves that.

I want to be your coach, mentor, confidante - to help you build a lawyer life that actually makes you happy and lets you live the life you dream about.

First step to making this happen? Let's get you applied and enrolled in our 6-Week Group Coaching Intensive.

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No more Googling. No more asking friends or colleagues for advice about a crappy client.

No more indecision, over-thinking or settling

for less than you deserve!

With decades of legal, education, community development, and coaching experience, I've got the solution you've been longing for.

If you're a service-based professional, then I'm here for you!

It doesn't matter whether you're working for someone, still in college, or out on your own, I've built the only online holistic, human-centered, coaching, legal and business resource solution!

Get your life together, mentorship, coaching, advice, answers, and support. It's all here, ready for you! 💥

"I am getting so much out of my coaching with Sheila. I really appreciate that everything is organized, easy to keep up with, and clearly laid out. All of the interfaces are easy to use and Sheila makes even Zoom calls feel personalized. Sheila is a very gifted coach and mentor who is skilled at listening and guiding, as well as at spotting those times when digging deeper would be beneficial. She has helped me identify what I want/ need to work on and has helped me formulate a week by week plan that feels just right, never overwhelming and never too little. I'm so grateful for Sheila and her program that is allowing me finally to dream my own dream."

- KLM, Houston

"This has literally has a been a life-changing experience for me. Whenever I think back to where I was mentally and emotionally when I first started with Sheila to where I am now, it's mind-blowing."

- D.P.

"Sheila is 100% committed to helping me achieve my goals. She consistently shows up to our meetings with fresh insight and helpful tools that I'd never think of on my own. Words fail to adequately describe how grateful I am for Sheila and the supportive force she is in my life."

- E. S.

"I have learned so much more about myself and how some of my habits were holding me back. I was getting in my own way. I am beyond grateful for the guidance I have received from Sheila. She is strong, she is supportive and she is an expert."

- E. M.